2021 Design Competition

This time, it’s international! RMIT logo

Following the success of the Fall 2019 Manufacturing Innovation Challenge, the Advanced Manufacturing Interdisciplinary Graduate Program brings you another opportunity to compete. In keeping with the “space” theme, we will challenge you and your team to design and prototype a wrist-mounted soil sampling device that can be used by astronauts on the surface of the moon. Like the previous competition, you will compete against your peers, be judged by expert industry professionals, and have the opportunity to earn cash prizes. Unlike the last competition, Mines students will be competing in parallel with student teams at RMIT University in Melbourne, Australia, with the goal of sending the winning Mines team to Melbourne in December 2021 to directly compete with your Australian peers at the CAMS 2021 Conference (pending travel restrictions).

The competition will officially kick off in August of this year and will run through the fall semester. For those who want to get an early start over the summer, the basic judging criteria are outlined below.

1. Reliability – the tool needs to be highly reliable, as repair of the device will be difficult in the space environment
2. Safety – the tool needs to pose no risk of injury to persons or equipment
3. Sample non-contamination – the tool must be capable of taking multiple samples and it must not cross-contaminate the individual samples
4. Versatility – the tool must be broadly suitable for astronauts with differences in body size and space suit designs
5. Cost – the tool cost should be estimated and efforts should be made to minimize cost where possible
6. Ergonomics performance – the tool must be easy to operate
7. Manufacturability – the tool must be manufacturable using currently available methods
8. Dual use – the applicability of the tool in other markets should be considered