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Advanced Manufacturing

Our cutting-edge interdisciplinary program prepares graduates to be leaders in this rapidly growing field that is influencing a diverse range of industries, including aerospace, biomedical, defense and energy, just to name a few.

Students benefit from the expertise of faculty across academic departments at Mines and from the capabilities of industry- and materials-based R&D centers on campus. A brand-new teaching lab dedicated to the program houses both state-of-the-art industrial equipment as well as student-built open-platform systems.

College of Applied Science and Engineering

BriceWelcome to the Advanced Manufacturing interdisciplinary program at Mines. We are excited to kick off this new program beginning Fall 2018.

Manufacturing in the United States has turned a corner in the past decade. The need to improve both affordability and performance has driven growth in advanced techniques like additive manufacturing. Further growth is expected as agile business practices such as just-in-time manufacturing and mass customization take hold. These new concepts are disruptive and difficult to implement with legacy manufacturing technologies. A new way of thinking is necessary.

The Advanced Manufacturing interdisciplinary program was created to address the needs of the next generation of manufacturing technologies. Initially, the program will have a strong focus in additive manufacturing—one of the most disruptive technologies currently driving industry. Our program at Mines will offer a non-thesis master’s degree and a four-course professional certificate. Both options will expose students to a survey in additive manufacturing along with focused courses in design, materials, and data informatics. These courses will arm engineers with the tools necessary to make informed decisions on how best to leverage and benefit from these new technologies.

We have designed our program with the working professional in mind. The four core courses will be offered either early in the morning or late in the afternoon and will run concurrently when possible to minimize workday disruption. Online options are being planned for the near future.

Details of the program can be found on this site along with a contact link for questions. We look forward to having you in our program!

Craig A. Brice
Program Director
July 2018